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Dine with your favorite restaurant on your schedule with discreet reservation pricing!

Choose Time Value Reservations for discounted dining features or Regular Reservation times.

Choose your City. Choose your Cuisine. Choose your Date. Choose your Time.


  • Norcross

    Firenze Ristorante

    6025 Peachtree Parkway


    6025 Peachtree Parkway

  • Atlanta


    1600 Piedmont Ave


    3125 Piedmont Rd.


    3630 Peachtree Road NE, STE 160

    Highland Tap

    1026 N. Highland Ave

    Hudson Grille

    942 Peachtree Street

    McKinnon's Louisiane

    3209 Maple Dr NE

    Rise Sushi Lounge

    300 Marietta Street NW

    Tantra Restaurant

    2285 Peachtree Rd.

  • Sandy Springs

    Hudson Grille

    6317 Roswell Road

  • Sandy Springs, GA

    R. Rice Wok and Grill

    1140 Hammond Dr. Suite 120

  • Atlanta, GA 30316

    bar ONE

    687 Memorial Drive

  • Decatur

    Mint Thai & Sushi

    1359 Clairmont Rd

  • Marietta

    Valenti's Family Style Italian

    255 Village Parkway NE

  • Roswell

    Peter's Italian Bistro

    690 Holcomb Bridge Road


First: Select a Restaurant

Step 1



DailyRez let's you choose a restaurant by neighborhood, cuisine, price or all of the above. It is free to become a member and start saving today!


Second: Pick a Time

Step 2



DailyRez provides Time Value Reservations allowing the business to provide heavy discounts during Off Peak business hours. Choose your Time. Choose your Price. It is that simple!

Third: Guarantee Your Reservation

Step 3



Your ReZervation is guaranteed at the restaurant the second you make it online with! You will have a confirmation email but no need for the paperwork. The restaurant will comp your discount on the final check when you are dining. Just show up and enjoy your meal.

Daily Rez is simply a marketing program that targets off peak restaurant hours to increase revenue by offering Time Valued Reservations in a merchant controlled environment. This easy to use ReZervation system allows restaurants to add Time Value (discount) ReZervations as well as Regular Reservations all done in real time! And the restaurant manages the customer from check in to check out!


1. Marketing

Daily Rez is reaching a wide audience via social media, direct e-media, digital media and mainstream media. The web presence provides links to your website and GPS services for customer navigation on smart devices. The subscriber base on DailyRez promotes your restaurant to a targeted membership network. Specifically, Daily Rez focuses on promoting your business during the Off Peak dining hours. But, of course, DailyRez is used to manage your entire reservation service.

You, as the business owner, can use Daily Rez as a marketing arm for commerce solutions. Send direct text or emails to your customer base on!. Schedule orders and staffing based on ReZervations for the day, week or month. Plus your! link to your website provides direct reservation services.

2. Revenue & Control

DailyRez sells discount reservations, not discounted food! The restaurant controls the Time and the amount of the Time Value Reservations (discounted reservations) available on the DailyRez site. For example, if a $200 reservation at 5pm sells for $100, DailyRez charges the consumer 15% at the time of booking to guarantee the ReZervation. You'll retain 85% of the reservation cost! The customer pays YOU when they dine at your restaurant!

Plus customer is dining during your Off Peak business hours providing a new revenue stream and allowing for operational savings. You can schedule orders and staffing based on ReZervations for the day, week or month. You are able to control the business flow with higher discounts during those off peak hours like 40% off on Tuesday at 5pm or no discount reservation on Tuesday at 7pm. The most important aspect to the DailyRez system is that you control the entire customer experience, from check in to check out, at the restaurant level!

3. Customer Loyalty & Retention

DailyRez membership is free to consumers and available on any mobile device. With each reservation, the restaurant has live, at the moment, access to customer information. You can reach out to the customer to check on their reservation or invite them to a special event. Customer demographic and dining preferences are constantly captured in the DailyRez system. The opt-in email marketing allows the restaurant to reach their customer direct. As the DailyRez restaurant membership and subscriber base grows, so will your restaurant customer base!

4. Simple & Discreet

The DailyRez iPad operating system is simple in design to allow your staff easy access at the hostess stand. The system is constantly live to allow instant changes by your staff based on availability, bookings, cancelations or special events. Once the consumer makes a reservation, you have immediate access to that information, including: customer name, phone number, people, date, time, and the discount (if any). The customer will not produce a coupon or show their mobile device so the discount becomes discreet at the restaurant level. You simply compare the customer's dining bill at check out based on the reservation.

Propriety ReZerve software is provided so you can start posting ReZervations immediately.

5. Low Cost Solutions

There is no per reservation fee! There is no gift certificate, coupon, or mobile display needed for the Daily ReZervation service. DailyRez will not write a posthumous check for a consumer in your restaurant today!

Because Daily Rez gains a 15% fee from the consumer on each Time Value Reservation, that limits the fees for the restaurant. The consumer paid reservation fee also guarantees that the diner will honor their reservation at your restaurant. A license fee of less than $50 per month has been WAIVED for the first 50 Marketing Partners / Founding Restaurants in each city. This allows for steady growth in business (merchant) membership across the country.

Yes,! is licensed free to our restaurant partners!

As related to the DailyRez operating ReZerve system on the iPad: There is a deposit ($299) required for the Pre-Programmed iPad; a $99 deposit for the lock down stand to protect the iPad; and a $99 deposit for an extended keyboard for the iPad. The restaurant will own or return the iPad materials after 6 months of use. For restaurants that do not typically take reservations, there is a special ReZerve system programming access for non-iPad equipped merchants.

The DailyRez system is a cost effective marketing solution and a integral cost saving solution for operations of your business in today's digital economy.